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New Milford Board of Education



Board of Education Members:

David A. Lawson, Chairperson
Bill Dahl, Vice Chairperson
Tammy McInerney, Secretary
Robert Coppola, Assistant Secretary
Angela C. Chastain

Wendy Faulenbach
Dave Littlefield
Brian McCauley
J.T. Schemm

 Left to right: Dave Littlefield, Brian McCauley, David A. Lawson, J.T. Schemm, Robert Coppola
Angela C. Chastain, Wendy Faulenbach, Tammy McInerney
not pictured: Bill Dahl

Teacher of the Year

Our 2017-18 New Milford Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Denise Dugan, was recognized
by the Board of Education at the September BOE Meeting. Mrs Duggan has been
a staff member since 1996 at New Milford High School teaching classes in
Health Education.

Congratulations Mrs. Duggan!