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Registration & Health Information

Kindergarten Registration

Hill and Plain Elementary School – 

Wednesday, February 21 – 9:30-1:30pm 

Friday, February 23 – 9:30-1:30pm 

Monday, February 26 – 9:30-1:30pm & 6:00-8:30pm 


Northville Elementary School – 

Tuesday, February 27 – 9:30-1:30pm 

Wednesday, February 28 – 9:30-1:30pm & 6:00-8:30pm 

Thursday, March 1 – 9:30-1:30pm


Registration Form:

Please complete the School Registration (Enrollment) Form below 
and bring it to the school office where your child will enroll. 

When registering a student, you must provide:

1) the child's birth certificate
2) proof of residency or homelessness (See regulation 5118.1)

All children living in the in the US have the right to a free K-12 public education. Children do not need a green card, visa, passport, alien registration number, or social security number to register for school.

Medical Information:

Please read the medical requirements and complete the appropriate forms below.

Folder CT HUSKY Health Program Information (1 Files)
pdf file CT HUSKY Health Program School Flyer
Folder School Registration (Enrollment) Form (2 Files)
doc file Registration Form (DOCX)
pdf file Registration Form (PDF)
Folder Medical Information & Forms (5 Files)
pdf file Medical Examinations Required for Entry 2018-19.pdf
pdf file Medication Authorization
pdf file Health Assessment Record
pdf file Medication Administration Procedures
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