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Celebrating NMPS Staff


Honoring NMPS Retirees 2020

New Milford Teacher of the Year listing


"Stars" of the Month

Throughout the 2019-20 school year, we will continue to publicly recognize NMPS staff members for the good work they do to positively impact our students and/or the community of New Milford and we would like you to help! Parents, students, and fellow staff members are invited to complete a short online form to nominate a New Milford Public Schools staff member: whether it be a teacher, guidance counselor, nurse, paraeducator, school psychologist, secretary, social worker, administrator, cafeteria worker, custodian, coach or another support person 
of your choice. You are welcome to make a nomination at any time and for as many deserving staff members as you wish. 


From all the forms submitted, six honorees will be selected each month, one from each school and one non-school specific honoree. All honorees will be invited to attend the Board of Education monthly meeting for public congratulations where they will receive a star lapel pin as a small symbol in recognition of their “star” qualities. In addition, thanks to our continuing partnership with Ingersoll Automotive of Danbury, one lucky honoree each month will be gifted at random with a courtesy car to drive for the month.

Congratulations to the February 2020 "Stars"

Marni Gross
Kathleen Lewis
Joseph Raps
Sasha Salem
Betsy Stewart
Christina Strell

Special congratulations to Kathleen Lewis who will drive the Ingersoll courtesy car for the month!



Congratulations to the January 2020 "Stars"


Daniella Brooks
Darryl Gregory
Linda Hurley
Eileen McDougal
Christine Santorella
Susan Sullivan


Congratulations to the December 2019 "Stars"

Kristan Giroux
Sarah Herring
Chuck Lynch
Carolin Preusse
Tracy Robidoux
Kristen Stolle


Congratulations to the November 2019 "Stars"

Randi Gray
Susan Harris
Michelle Klee
Amy Marsan
Antoinette Montague
Diane Taylor

Congratulations to the October 2019 "Stars"

Fran Babbino
Terri Cooper
Melissa Nihan
Gabby Passarelli
Jennifer Saraiva
Kelly Tait


Congratulations to the September 2019 Star of the Month
NM Teacher of the Year Mr. Steve Donahue

Congratulations to the May 2019 "Stars"

Gail Burger
Kate DeBarber
Sarah Divine
Kim Foss
Mary Lavoie
Nancy Mowrey

Congratulations to the April 2019 "Stars"

Rebecca Allen
Diana Beddows
Jane Cornelis
Kelly Gallo
Megan Lago
George Osuch

Congratulations to the March 2019 "Stars"

Cynthia Bonnell
Maria Brito
Maureen Dunkerton
Katherine Fossi
Charlene Kirkwood
Virginia Quinn-Mooney

Congratulations to the February 2019 "Stars"

Sara Filogomo
Amelia Lakoff Paquette
Barbara Marques
Jennifer Merriam
Donna Urban
Annetta Volinski

Congratulations to the January 2019 "Stars"

Ashley Dovale
Elizabeth Pitcher
Cheryl Reiner 
Marney Roberts
Gretchen Rondini
Daniel Savo

Congratulations to the December 2018 "Stars"

Lori Cerra
Stewart Day
Virginia Landgrebe
Heather Morin
Kevin Tolman
Angela Tufts

Congratulations to the November 2018 "Stars"

Samantha Gati-Tisi 
Jenna Giudice 
Nicole Heering 
Margaret Jones 
Colleen Peterson 
Jennifer (Missy) Smith

Congratulations to the October 2018 "Stars"

Michael Abraham 
Nicole DuVerger
Meredith Jaskolka
Christy Martin
Cortni Muir

Christine Talarico

Congratulations to the September 2018 Star of the Month
NM Teacher of the Year Mr. David Syzdek

Congratulations to the May 2018 "Stars"

Jennifer Andrea
Gina Bernard
Kelly DeYorio 

Yvonne de St. Croix
Michael Fitzgerald 

Shayna Sexton

Congratulations to the April 2018 "Stars"

Denise Ambrose-Arnauckas
Christine Benson
Jennifer Chmielewski
Jack Ducey
Theresa McGuinness
Ann Marie Tozzi

Congratulations to the March 2018 "Stars"

Florence Hottes
Michelle Klee
Erin Moriarty
Tracy Nevins
Sandra Sullivan
Konnie Tlasky

Congratulations to the February 2018 "Stars"

Shannon Arcano
Victoria Giudice
Robyn Hicks
Roger Hill
Stephanie Sagaria
Lynn Sheeran

Congratulations to the December 2017 "Stars"

Karla Buffington
Lee Dovale
Allyson Drahota
Jennifer Okoski
Kathleen Taylor
Ashley Vinhateiro

Congratulations to the November 2017 "Stars"

Jane Cox 
Judy Grossenbacher
Susan Holland 
Al Marchena Rodriguez
Barbara Morris
Jennifer Tuozzoli

Congratulations to the October 2017 "Stars"

Debbie Clark
Priscilla Fisher
Cindy Gallagher
Andrea Norem
Rose Simmons
Joanne Weber

Congratulations to the September 2017 Star of the Month
NM Teacher of the Year Mrs. Denise Duggan

Congratulations to the May 2017 "Stars"

Michael Clyne
Joan Conn
Catherine Gardner
Nicole Lawlor
Timothy Polhemus
Madeleine Sanger

Congratulations to the April 2017 "Stars"

Anne Bilko
Susan Brofford
Kimberly Ginn
Janet Roache
Heliett Sanchez
Paul Shim

Congratulations to the March 2017 "Stars"

Maria Breton
Karin Dieterle
Jeanne Dubray
Erin Fagan
Tara Gee
Erin Lucia

Congratulations to the February 2017 "Stars"

Lorraine English
Lauren Iverson
Stephen Kern
Kimberlee Lavallee
Deborah Stephens
Dana Wheeler

Congratulations to the December 2016 "Stars"

Karen Brenneke
Carrie Kelly
Jane Loormann
James Mattia
Anthony Nocera
Dyane Rizzo

Congratulations to the November 2016 "Stars"

Ruby Elaine Annese
Helen Crossen
Jasmina Ferizovic
Karen Hores
Justin Mack
James Martin

Congratulations to the October 2016 "Stars"

Darcy Campbell
Jane Danish
Danette Lambiase
Judy Larkin
Kerry Schur
Michael Tremmel

Don't forget to submit your nominations for future consideration by filling out the online form here.



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